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If you have questions about creating a sticker, here are some frequently asked questions:

How much will it cost?

That is a hard question to answer.  Most stickers cost about $1 per inch to create.  I use that as a baseline, and will quote you lower or higher based on the amount of detail involved.

Is there a “set up fee?”

This is the reason I got into the business.  I wanted a sticker of a military map symbol.  The heavy machinegun to be exact (which is on our page).  I asked a company about having one made and they said it would cost me a $20 setup fee.  If I bought 50, they would waive the fee.  What was I going to do with 50?

There are times that I will have to charge for the design time.  Some awesome projects do take some large amounts of time.  If I do charge to design it, it is a low rate, and you only have to buy one.  There is no minimum order.

Previous customers can attest to the lack of overcharging.

How long will it take?

Again, that depends on the current work load and how detailed of a project it is.  Usually around a week, but I will be able to give you more information within 24 hours of you contact submission.