Overwatch Designs was founded with the goal of providing highly original and custom vinyl designs at a reasonable price. We come from a military, law enforcement and SAR background, and have worked to instill those ethics into our company. To us the concept of “Overwatch” is about looking out for your brothers and sisters, and knowing none of us fight alone.

Whatever your background, if you are looking for a custom decal, stickers or patches for you or your company, you have come to the right place.

We have a large inventory of decals on our site, available in a range of colors and sizes.  We are constantly adding new designs and updating the ones we have.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, email us and let us know.  We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and have created many decals based on your input.


Contact us for more information or custom work, admin@overwatchdesigns.com.

You can also follow us on Instagram (@overwatchdesigns) or Facebook (Overwatchdesigns.com).

overwatch marine paul

Paul: CEO and Founder

Background in Military, LEO and Paramedic

David: Operations

Background in Military and LEO

Conner: Marketing

Background in LEO, SAR and EMT