Decal Application

Custom Decal Application

If you’ve never used cut vinyl decals, we’ve created a page with tips and tricks for you.  It isn’t rocket science, but there are some things that will help you out.

Your new decal will come with the decal itself on a backing, and a transfer film/tape over the entire thing.  Some films are clear, some are more opaque.

Custom Vinyl Decal Parts

First, you want to use an object (the tip of your finger, a penny, etc) to rub over the transfer film and sticker portion, making sure that everything on the sticker is attached to the transfer film.  On high detail decals, you want to focus on the small little pieces as they will be the problem area.

Rub Vinyl Decal

Make sure the surface area is clean and dry prior to application, and note that a lot of this vinyl isn’t intended to come off easily (except the removable vinyl that we carry).

Remove the transfer tape/film from the backing, watching to ensure all pieces of the sticker stay attached to the film.  If a piece stays on the backing, you can lay the tape/film back down, rub that portion and continue on.

Remove sticker

Once all pieces of the sticker are “stuck” on the transfer film, line it up with it’s destination.  I recommend starting from one end, sticking the corner or side of the transfer film and then using your finger, run it back and forth like a printer applying the sticker/decal to the object.  For larger projects, ie my big gun safe, this can be 2 person project.  One person will need to hold the transfer film away from the destination while you apply it.

Vinyl Sticker

Once applied to the target destination, for higher detail decals, you need to rub it the same way you did at the beginning, paying close attention to small portions of the decal.

Lastly, remove the application film slowly, making sure everything stays in place on the window/safe/pelican case/nalgene etc.  If anything stays stuck to the transfer film, simply lay it back down, rub it with more pressure, and try again.

Removal of Transfer Film

*Special Note* If you have a clear transfer film, it is not intended to stay on the destination, covering the sticker.  I have started to use opaque transfer film/tape because it causes less confusion.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at  YouTube video coming.